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أفضل الفرص الاستثمارية في تركيا عام 2022

Posted by homista on يونيو 4, 2022

Due to the diversity of investment motivations that we talked about them previously, Turkey has a target by lots of businessmen so it turned to be as an attracting Qibla for foreign investment, especially the Arabic ones, as a result more of investment opportunities into the various sectors such as:


1- Real estate investment:

Turkey by both of its sides: European and Asian sides is very active in real estate market by owning a plenty of property projects attracting the investors from all over the world.

In addition to Istanbul, All Ankara, Trabzon, Sakarya, Bursa, and Antalya are all active in real estate market and they have the best properties that meet the investors needs by cheaper prices than Istanbul’s.

The last five years had a property flourish, great investment, huge turnout by foreign businessmen for owning properties in Turkey, especially after the government facilities such as reducing the property price required from obtaining Turkish citizenship million $ to 250000 $ that is modified recently to become (400000 $), as well as reducing the bank deposit for citizenship to 500000 $, as a result lots of investors have been encouraged to invest into Turkish real estate.

In addition, the tax discounts made by Turkish government motivated for investment and the high profits of Turkish real estate that guarantees high profits all contributed in flourishing the Turkish real estate market.

In this context, all of real estate companies have competed for offering best offers of apartments, hotels, luxurious villas, business centers, and lands as the investment chances varied because of the diversity of Turkish atmosphere for investment.

2- Tourist investment:

Tourist utilities in the different Turkish states provide a cohesion foundation for establishing a set of tourist investments in Turkey as tourism sector is characterized by diversity of the lovely landmarks and tourist attractions such as the marine beaches, the medical resorts and the vocational parks that satisfies all tastes.

Also, the strong infrastructure that Turkey has in all sectors, especially in tourism provides the investors with different investment fields. For instance, the tourist hotels that are very popular and ready for investment to receive a high number of tourists within different times of the year with high profits, the shopping malls is very good for investment by its content of shops, coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, and cinemas that are profitable in a high returns, the tourist facilities such as rest buildings distributed along with the borders among states, and restaurants, coffee shops, recreational resorts, chalets and apartment allocated for annual renting.

3– Commercial investment:

The Turkish famous brandmarks and high-quality products attract foreigners coming from outside to invest in Turkey by importing and exporting.

Also, the commercial facilities such as factories, shops, offices and warehouses are all support the commercial investments and provide the necessary infrastructure for all kind of commercial investment.

Turkey became the investment gate for European investors as many international companies directed into Turkey.

The well-known Swedish company for furniture: (IKEA), the clothes company (LPP) that its headquarters in Poland and other companies: (Boehringer Ingelheim), (DW Reusables) they all started up their investment activities in Turkey because of its proper environment.


4– Agricultural investment:

The agricultural investment in Turkey achieves high returns when using professionals in this sector because of the good specifications of agriculture in Turkey like:

– Wide spaces of lands available for agriculture.

– Variety of crops that can be imported to the outside such as walnuts, hazelnuts, tea and olives with other crops.

– Plenty of manpower who are specialized in agriculture.

– Availability of water sources like springs, and groundwater wells into different Turkish regions.

– Appropriate climate for planting various crops.

– Modern agricultural machines, in addition to pesticides, fertilizers and all needed materials for agriculture.


5- Industrial investment:

Industrial investment is very important to Turkey, especially for businessmen who always in need of new market for their businesses or starting up their business within a proper investment environment.

The proper environment for industrial investment that Turkey owns such as powerful infrastructure, industries and the Industrial zones in all Turkish states encourages for constructing projects in the different sectors:

The important industrial investment fields in Turkey are:

·         Building materials industry.

·         Furniture industry in all types.

·         Electronics industries.

·         Manufacture of water purification instruments.

·         Textile and garment industry.

·         Iron, steel and metal industries.

·         chemical industries.

·         Auto parts industry in all types.

·         Iron and plastic molds industry

·         The advantageous location for investment between other countries


The advantageous location of Turkey being within two continents together and its nearby to Arab countries gives advantages to the investment activities for all sectors.

In addition, the great geographical area of Turkey reaches to more than 780000 km and the strategic location among the other countries, and the common borders with many countries such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Greece and Georgia all made Turkey as a commercial bridge between Europe, Asia and Arab countries at the same time.


Moreover, the Bosporus Strait representing a marine corridor for the commercial convoys connecting Europe with Asia, and the multiplicity of harbors in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Mersin, and other Turkish states overlooking the seas, are all positive factors that define Turkey from other countries in the world in terms of investment.

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