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رفع سعر العقار للحصول على الجنسية التركية من 250000 دولار إلى 400000 دولار:

Posted by homista on يونيو 17, 2022

A negotiation has been made for increasing the required property exceptionally for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The agreement has done during the meeting inside the presidential cabin for increasing the required property for obtaining Turkish citizenship from 250000 $ to 400000 $.

On the base of that, there will be some modifications on the (item B) from the second paragraph of article (20) into the executive regulations with regard to Turkish citizenship regulations.

This update has been published in the official press during the past few days, thus obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment new requirements are: Owning a property valued to at least 400000$ or its equal amount of other currencies, provided that not selling the property for the next three years.

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