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8 من أضخم الهياكل الطبية في تركيا

Posted by homista on يونيو 2, 2022

Recently, the Turkish government has planned to build giant medical buildings throughout the country such as several large hospitals and medical centers aiming for providing advanced medical services to Turkish citizens and foreigners, thus Turkey entered the world of giant medical buildings on the international level.

Medical cities, or as they called: “city hospitals”, have become a treatment destination for either citizens or tourists from all over the world after the outstanding privilege.

The government continues to open new medical cities in several states including: Istanbul, Mersin, Kayseri, Ankara, Manisa, and Adana.

The capacity of these medical cities reaches more than 17,842 beds beside 2,831 clinics, 1,999 intensive care units (ICU), and 410 operating theatres by using the most modern medical equipment and facilities in the world.

Taking into account that Turkey has 13 medical cities in total and within this year 5 additional medical cities will be operated, whereas the hospitals built in Kocaeli, Kütahya, Ankara, Gaziantep and Izmir will be into service by 2022.

1- Bursa City Hospital:

Bursa hospital which is the same medical center of Southern Marmara serving 1.3 million patients monthly since it started off. It is considered one of the leading hospitals in Turkey in terms of healthcare provided for patients by all of the staff owing to the interior area of 475,000 square meters.

The giant medical complex consists of 6 blocks by 4 thousand employees with patients’ treatment capacity of 200 thousand patients monthly. It serves not only Bursa’s patients but also the other nearby states.

2- Isparta City Hospital:

While the Isparta City Hospital served a total of 6 million and 860 thousand patients within 4.5 years, it also did a great job during the pandemic.

The medical complex received more than 47,150 out of a million and 844 thousand patients who were diagnosed with the “Corona” virus epidemic.

Isparta City Hospital was inaugurated on 24th of March 2017 by the Prime Minister: Binali Yıldırım and it became very important medical Centre in the region during the past 4.5 years.

The hospital which has very advanced equipment, was built with an area of 222,571 square meters by a capacity of 755 beds.

3- Important records in Manisa City Hospital:

Manisa City Hospital provides an added value in terms of economical services and recovery speed, as it receives 1.5 million patients every single year.

4- A capacity of 1.3 million patients in Konya Hospital:

Since 5th of August 2020, Konya hospital has started receiving patients by its first stage of 838 beds.

Within the second stage completion in May 2020, it took a capacity of 1,250 beds. The hospital has received 1,298,127 patients since the first day. Moreover, it provides services not only to Konya but also to the surrounding cities.

5- City Hospital Mersin:

During the epidemic, Mersin City Hospital has not stopped, especially for stroke, heart and oncology patients.

Its capacity has increased from 1,300 to 1,377, and the number of intensive care units (ICU) from 204 to 283.

The hospital has achieved more than 480,000 surgeries which has treated more than 2 million citizens in the 4.5 years since the opening

6- Erzurum City Hospital:

Erzurum City Hospital is the medical center of Eastern Anatolia Region. It has hosted 1,250,000 patients since it started off in April 2020.

Given the strong infrastructure and technological capabilities that the hospital has, it contribute to 95% of the epidemic burden.

As well as the hospital contributes to treating 50% of the patients in Eastern Anatolia.

It is noteworthy that Turkey now owns a large convoy of 5,400 ambulances, as well as 19 helicopters specified for medical services.

The size of medical health workers in Turkey is more than 1.4 million, and the Turkish government has allocated more than 200 billion TRY to the Ministry of Health in the 2020 budget.

7- Göztepe City Hospital:

The hospital has 604 beds, 175 clinics, 27 operating rooms, 52 emergency rooms, and 80 intensive care units (ICU) since the very beginning of the first stage.

Then the second stage of capacity expanded to 1116 beds, 239 clinics, 28 operating rooms, 38 for childbirth rooms, 52 emergency rooms, and 80 intensive care units (ICU).

The city was built on an area of 245,667 aiming to provide the best available services to all citizens and foreigners.

It is worth noting that the medical city is equipped with insulators to reduce any possible damages to the buildings, so that the medical staff can continue activities and operations even during the emergency cases or incidents.

And according to ministry of health: Göztepe Medical City will be top one in cardiovascular surgery centers, heart attack diseases, stroke treatment with high-quality medical care for nearly 6-7 thousand patients per day.

Also, it will contain an emergency equipment and planes airstrip to carry patients coming from outside Istanbul, and it will also contain 1431 car parks of which 796 are open outdoors and 635 are closed indoors.

8- Medical City in Adana Province:

The medical city of Adana has opened in 2017 and it has been classified as the largest medical complexes in Turkey. It provides medical and treatment services to 16,000 people on a daily basis through a medical staff of 5,000 people with a capacity of 1,550 beds.

Medical cities in Turkey played an active role in combating the Corona virus showed their effective response in managing the crisis by providing all necessary support of medical services to all Turks and foreigners in need of health care.

Turkey did not hesitate in even manufacturing the necessary equipment from respirators and exporting them to the worldwide. It was a leading country about crisis management effectiveness by providing all kind of medical support, treatment, health insurance coverage for all citizens categories, and the achieving the recovery, unlike what happened in the developed countries in Europe and America!


Currently, several hospital projects are under construction, so the government aims to provide about 32 beds for each hospital for every 10,000 citizens in Turkey by the year 2023.

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