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(Booklet) Buying a property in Turkey:

Posted by homista on June 22, 2022



Types of properties could be owned by foreigners in Turkey

Knowing about the ownership requirements in Turkish law is the key help for facilitating the buying process.

All nationalities are eligible for property ownership in Turkey if they meet the requirements except the following states: (Cuba – North Korea – Syria – Armenia – Cyprus) and some adjacent border countries to Turkey such as Greek.

1- Flats:

Buying flats is available for foreigners by all of their types and options either in cash or by installments, whatever the ownership purpose is (residential – work – commercial – investment).


2- Villas:

Villas are available too for buying by foreigners by all options for the different purposes.


3- Lands:

Both agricultural and under-construction lands could be bought and owned by foreigners, especially for investing them and getting the use of crops or even building on the constructional lands.

4- Farms:

Farms are also available for foreigners who are willing to buy farms in Turkey by fair prices and luxurious styles.

5- Shops:

Some investors prefer buying shops in Turkey for commercial purposes within the mega shopping malls or inside the vibrant markets in order to gain its great returns taking the advantage of citizenship obtaining.

6- Mega projects such as shopping malls, education centers and hotels:

And the other various property for high investment, all are available for you.

What is the advantage of property owning in Turkey?

– The eligibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship after owning a property valued to 400000 $ at least, getting Turkish passport and all the rights of Turkish citizen.

– Obtaining investor residency if the property is even below 400000 $.

– Fair price with an amazing features of properties in comparison with outside West countries, knowing that Turkish properties are diverse, luxurious, and high quality.

– High investment return because of tourist priority in Turkey, so that the owners can rent their properties during seasons and gain high profits.

– High living standards with relatively low costs in contrast with outside countries.

– Opening the door for investors to link their investments between the east and the west being inside the Middle Corridor country: Turkey.

– The education advantage for international students to study in public and private Turkish universities with multi-lingual international schools.

– Living in a conservative environment proper for Muslim by a similar Arabic culture, at the same time it has the European civilization characteristics.


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