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Ümraniye Region in Istanbul: Unrivalled advantages for a successful and long-term real estate investment

Posted by homista on June 7, 2022

The “Ümraniye” region on the Asian side of Istanbul is considered one of the main regions of the city in general. At it is the largest municipality of all Turkey’s municipalities from which the “Çekmekköy” municipality emerged and it is recorded as one of the largest business gates in Istanbul. By its northern side there are collection for the largest banks and Turkish companies, while in the south the New Istanbul International Financial Center is positioned.

“Ümraniye” is a remark of the retail trade as it represents half of retail trade done in Istanbul with its variety of clothes, furniture, and other Turkish commodities.

In addition to its attracting specifications for those looking for an industrial zone, commercial, and financial region and indeed for real estate investment, especially family residents. “Umraniya” embraces luxurious residential complexes characterized by its distinctive views and facilities

The location:

Ümraniye is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, in the Marmara Sea region, bordered by the Üsküdar region in the west, Ataşehir region in the south, Sancaktepe region in the east and Beykoz region in the north. The region has fourteen neighborhoods, six towns, and four villages, with a total area of 22000 hectares.

The history:

Since the ancient times, “Ümraniye” was merely forests of pine trees. It enjoyed successive dynasties such as the Roman, Byzantine and then Ottoman empire.

During the Ottoman era, Sultan Ahmed I (Aḥmed-i evvel) made it a limitation for Sheikh Aziz Mahmud Hudayi. Since the early days of the Republic of Turkey Ümraniye belonged to the Üsküdar region and it remained classified as a village until 1960, then it became an industrial zone after the urban planning. It achieved an industrial boom, therefore many people flocked to it. Thus, it fulfilled the administrative independence and established its own municipality in 1989.

The nature:

Despite the modernity and advanced position that “Ümraniye” enjoys, it still preserves a significant part of the vegetation cover and the green spaces in it. It is one of the most suitable regions for residing for its complexes containing glamorous green spaces imitating to the European projects in terms of modernity and luxury of the large green spaces they have.

“Ümraniye” is a central transportation axis:

It has the most important land transportation routes embodying the backbone of Istanbul life as the “TEM” road: the main lifelines in Istanbul, passes many parts of the region.

In the north of it, the road leading to “Şile”: one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul is located and the metro line that connects Üsküdar to the Sancaktepe passes through it.

It is also characterized by transportation availability with buses for the lines of the Directorate of Public Transport in Istanbul covering all its areas.

Why Ümraniye is good for real estate investment?

“Ümraniye” is rapidly growing and urbanizing the most in Istanbul becoming one of the central areas in Istanbul, because of its proximity to the Istanbul International Financial Center, and to the “Üsküdar” metro line, which raises the investment opportunities of its properties, in addition to many factors that make Ümraniye one of the best options in the field of real estate investment in Istanbul.

The giant project is located in Ümraniye:

Istanbul International Business Center project has become globally remarkable that will provide its services in Ümraniye region through a large number of first-class offices and business centers give the city more dominance and global commercial centralization. It will include centers for all private and public banks in Turkey. Certainly, this center will give Ümraniye region more value raising the real estate investment opportunities in it as well.

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